The story of the iconic CP loafer began with a white and blue striped shoe crafted for Charles Philip by a Shanghainese cobbler on Mao Ming Road. Ever since that day in 2010, Charles and his Milano-Bred team have been building a footwear brand for men and women constantly on the forefront of fashion and lifestyle. Charles was raised in the exciting fashion environment of Milan, Italy and later spent several years living in Shanghai’s French District.
Through his experiences in these two vastly different, yet equally inspiring locations, as well as his numerous global travels and encounters, Charles brings an exclusive and adventurous vision to his brand.Today Charles Philip Shanghai is a worldwide brand and can be found globally in Europe, America, Asia and Online.


All Charles Philip Shanghai collections are collaboratively designed by Charles and his design partner, Sheila Pitigala. The signature silhouette that the brand is known for comes from some of their favorite elements – the formality of the English gentry slipper combined with the insouciance of the Moroccan babouche. With those components, the design duo has become recognized for developing an ultra-fresh take on the classic slipper. Pairing together their strengths and bold design backgrounds, Charles & Sheila create the perfectly balanced and contemporary design team!


Inspired by the multi-faceted melting pot of Shanghai, CP manages to mix the elegant and chic, with the eccentric and unexpected. Focusing on bold and unexpected prints in custom fabrics and fashion forward techniques, every CP shoe is unique in style and innovation. Taking pride in its international and cosmopolitan origins CP invites you to slip on a pair of shoes that mirror the aesthetic of a truly global brand!